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Here are our goals

Communicate the meaning of this important aggregation in Italy.
Communicating the tradition of the companies that are part of it.
Communicate the quality and commitment over the choice of brand products Ttake.
Communicate the spirit and the strong focus on innovation of this group.

These are our goals.


Great curiosity aroun our group

What major newspapers have said about us: here a small summary.

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VAMAG Factory team

Italianism as a common denominator of our choices, both for products in our brand Ttake, and for our sponsorships.
The enfranchisement of a team like Team Factory VAMAG who races with the very Italian MV Agusta motorcycles, old national mark, it is a concrete testimony.


Reliability, teamwork, commitment and coordination. Values ​​that Techno Trade Group shares with Yakitalia, the only civil aerobatic team that represents us in many air-shows that leads. Two teams of success that showcase the best of Italian style and teamwork.



Communicating through the promotional object may transmit values ​​and characteristics of a brand. Our Merchandising catalogue is a document always on the go, as we are.




Graphic Design
Diade Studio

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